Welcome Participants!

The Beat Goes On! High School Band competition and fundrasier is the perfect format to show off your band’s Skill, Talent and Flare – while at the same time raising money to further improve your music program.   This is a music festival in the traditional sense, in that there will be lots of entertaining music, local vendors, food, drink, Jumpy house for the kids, and plenty of space to stretch out and relax while you enjoy the festival.

The High School Band competition will not be your traditional high school band style competition.   The competition will be judged primarily on entertainment value.    The official judging criteria are: Musicality, Showmanship and Appearance.   This is not a parade or field show competition.   You will be judged on how well you entertain the crowd.

As with all competition, there has to be a Prize!  The current Grand Prize for this competition is $1000.   As the festival date gets closer and sponsorship dollars come in and festival tickets start selling, this grand prize will increase.  Ultimately we expect to be able offer prizes for 3rd Place, 2nd Place and the Grand Prize.   The current value of these prize will be updated on the Prizes page of the festival website.

The Fundraiser

Of course we want quality bands to come and entertain the crowds with their unique performances and to compete for the prize money, but the primary focus of this event is the Fundraiser.   This festival is designed to raise money for the participating bands. Here’s how it works:

25% of the cost of ALL tickets sold prior to the festival event date will be awarded to the participating bands at the event Awards Ceremony.  When buying a ticket online purchasers will have to select which band they want to receive the fundraiser portion of their purchase.   All online ticket purchases will be associated with a participating band.

As a condition for participating in this fundraiser all bands have to agree to sell at least 100 tickets to the event.  Your band is guaranteed to receive 25% of the money from the sale of these 100 tickets as well as 25% of any additional ticket sales they make.   This is the primary fundraiser.  The more tickets your band sells, the more money your band receives.  There is No Limit to how many tickets your band can sell or how much money your band can make from ticket sales – with the only exeception being that we cannot sell more tickets than the maximum capacity of the festival venue.   That is only Part ONE of the fundraiser.

By having the bands sell the tickets to the event the festival can spend less money on advertising and give more money back to the bands.   The more tickets we sell,  the more sponsors we can attract.   This is Part TWO of the fundraiser –  Sponsorship dollars.  25% of ALL sponsorship dollars will be awarded to the participating bands.  Again with No Limit.   This portion of the fundraiser is the most interesting, because the potential for sponsorship dollars is unlimited.  If the tickets sell out, there will be a lot of sponsors and 25% of all of that sponsor money will be awarded to the bands.    

This money will be awarded in proportion to the bands participation in the ticket sales portion of the fundraiser.   The bands selling the most tickets will receive a larger percentage of this money.  Likewise, the bands selling the least, will receive the smallest percentage.

The success of the fundraiser is based on the success of the festival.  The success of the festival is based on your participation in the fundrasier.

Three ways to make money:

  1. Win the competition
  2. Participate in the fundraiser
  3. Be rewarded for participating in the fundraiser

All funds will be distributed at the Awards Ceremony after the festival on Oct 20th, 2018.


How the Competition Works

Each participating band will have a set amount of time to enter the stage, perform, and exit the stage – approximately 15 minutes.  While on stage Do your thing!  Entertain the crowd.  Impress the Judges and most of all have FUN! Please note – the available space is NOT large enough to accommodate a marching routine. We recommend that your director / choreographer visit the space to help plan your performance.  

Before and after your performance time your members are encouraged to enjoy the festival.  There will be plenty of music, local vendors to visit, food and drink for sale, a free Jumpy house for the children, face painting, etc.  There will be a special ceremony to introduce all of the bands and kick off the competition.  All bands are encouraged to participate in this musical, heart pounding introduction.  Time and Details to be announced. 


Performances will be Judged on:

– Musicality
– Showmanship
– Appearance

– There will Not be an up close detailed inspection of uniforms, but appearance does matter.

Bands will be notified of schedule and line up prior to the event.

The winning band will go homewith:

– The Grand Prize $$
– An Awesome Trophy
– Bragging rights
– Band name on next years event T-shirt as “2018 Champions!”
– Choice spot in the lineup  for next years event

All Bands will go home with:

– The spirit of competition
– Invitation to next years event
– Fundraiser money